Refunds will be given in the following cases

If it meets the criteria for each network but we cannot generate unlocking code or get maps.
Non-delivered orders which have taken more than 20 days and have not already been rejected for any reason are eligible for cancellation and refund if you desire as opposed to waiting. You cannot cancel prior to this 10 day window, our contract with our suppliers is a 10 day window, and we pay for our codes up front. Simply email us if you want a refund after 10 days and one will be processed immediately.


Refunds will NOT be given in the following cases

You provided an incorrect VIN number
You placed an order with the wrong country / region
You purchased a pre-order. Pre-orders for code/map generation are non-refundable as the process is automated and begins on submission – we conduct eligibility checks, validate your VIN and check for map version You specified all of which are chargeable.
You ordered from several companies and decided to ask for a refund from whomever didn’t notify you first that the order was compete. We incur costs on submission.
You ordered our service/product and didn’t meet the critiera which are clearly explained before purchase, meaning an additional sum was required and you refused to pay the additional sum. We cannot refund the original payment in such cases as we have still incurred the cost.